More Bitter Half Veterans Day Reverence

Dave Blount

Doesn’t she just radiate respect for those who have served the “downright mean” country that she recently became proud of for the first time?

Maybe they put that black heart on her Raggedy Ann dress so she would know where to put her hand during the National Anthem:


The article continues, with more photos from this event and additional links, at And, unbelievably, Michelle Obama has a $15K/day makeup artist to “create sheen”

…Last night, as her husband was complaining that he couldn’t understand why “millionaires and billionaires” could not “work out” the NBA labor conflict, Mrs. O was decked out in a $295 Sonia by Sonia Rykiel top.

Evidently, being considered “the evil rich” depends upon who you are.

UpdateObama Forgets Hawaii Is Part of The United States, Also Claims It’s In Asia… Does this mean we’re down to 56 states?

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