More on continually-breaking story of INTERPOL immunity

Anthony G. Martin
Columbia Conservative Examiner
December 30, 2009

As word continues to spread about Barack Obama’s secretive executive order in the middle of the night on December 17, which grants full immunity to INTERPOL on American soil, a more complete picture is emerging about this disturbing–and frightening–action on the part of the President.

Liz Blaine, writing in David Horowitz’s Newsreal, states unequivocally,
But the DOJ considers INTERPOL a law enforcement agency and, as such, the organization is not listed as a historical or active foreign agent indicating, under Section 2(d), INTERPOL is not required to report foreign agents, their communications or activities on American soil.

INTERPOL is now an international organization free from identifying its agents, communications or activities, immune from 4th Amendment search and seizure provisions, with the capacity to institute legal proceedings, and the ability to ignore American’s 6th Amendment rights. In essence, the President has granted INTERPOL enforcement powers which supersede the Constitution.

And the most damning piece of evidence Blaine offers to back up her assertion is this item:

With his signature Obama reversed President Reagan’s EO restricting INTERPOL to the Constitution and American law when acting on U.S. soil. INTERPOL now has the full diplomatic immunities afforded foreign embassies, International Organizations, their officers and employees under the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA).

For what good reason would a U.S. President grant a foreign law enforcement agency such broad powers to operate unhindered within the United States?

The speculations abound. But the facts point to no good.

This must-read article continues at the Examiner.

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