More on Gunwalker: Obama’s March Interview with Univision + More


…Some of the more corrupt Democrats in Congress are trying to stay on task, even as the plot unravels before them:

Representatives Maloney, Cummings, and Carolyn McCarthy seem to be far less interested in holding those responsible for Gunwalker to account than they are in persecuting gun owners and hobbling the investigations into the scandal being played out in the House and Senate.

We saw this disreputable behavior from Cummings when he held a minority forum several weeks ago that was focused on blame-shifting instead of accountability, and in the 26-page political report that minimized the magnitude of the crimes perpetrated under the guise of law enforcement while building the case for gun control

Anti-gun Democrats are pushing laws that would only affect the law-abiding, while attempting to direct attention away from what appears to be a widespread criminal conspiracy by executive branch agencies to arm narco-terrorists and then use the violence caused by those weapons to influence U.S. gun laws

Sipsey Street Irregulars wrote on March 23 of this year:

This is stunning–President Obama one-on-one with a Mexican journalist, and no handlers? President Obama considers a Mexican journalist more important to talk with about Gunwalker than the American people, the American press/media, and the Congress?

If I’d not see this, I would not have believed it. This is proof of some combination of ineptitude (getting caught); not having a Plan B to handle something going awry (unskilled implementers); hubris (thinking that a bunch of pointy-headed intellectual knuckleheads could pull off a strategy so blatantly stupid); and what I’d call a Black Swan (from Nassim Taleb’s book of that name, “the highly expected not happening”, footnote on page xviii, meaning that President Obama and his retinue expected ATF Special Agents to carry the water, and they didn’t.) Instead, they disavowed the activity. Quite profound, in my view.

Obama’s interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos was not put on YouTube until April 8, a delay that perhaps explains its only 367 views…

…On March 30, TL Davis at The American Thinker called the above interview: Barack Obama’s ‘I am not a Crook’ Moment

Read the entire article, with more video interviews, at nicedeb. There are several “must-read” links within the article, too!

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