More quake news from Christchurch, New Zealand

23 February 2011

On 4 September of last year when New Zealand suffered what became known as the Canterbury earthquake, they refused all international aid and began rebuilding themselves. As Americans, that spirit of independence and can-do should really speak to us. But if you’re not familiar with the size and location of this tiny country, get yer atlas out and have a look.

Now, though, the Christchurch earthquake that struck this week was huge and has been devastating. Trevor Loudon has created a link on his blog for those of us who wish to help to ease the hardship, each in our small way. Please help if you can.

Thank you~

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Donations–Christchurch Earthquake
Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Several people have asked me how to donate to help Christchurch in our time of great need.

I suggest donating through our local Salvation Army.

To donate online, please go here

Please specify “Christchurch Earthquake Appeal” in the box provided.

All pride thrown aside, Christchurch  really does need help right now.

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Also from New Zeal:

From Hawke’s Bay Today

Staff who work for the United States Antarctic Program (USAP), based in Christchurch, are among those missing following yesterday’s devastating earthquake.

The USAP, which is managed by the National Science Foundation (NSF), said on its website it had accounted for 60 percent of the people in the program who were in New Zealand when the earthquake hit.

NSF is deeply concerned about the welfare of those people affiliated with Antarctic Program who, as yet, have not been accounted for and remains hopeful that they will be discovered to be safe and sound,” the statement said.

Many of those unaccounted for may be on personal travel within New Zealand, and not necessarily in Christchurch, the statement said.

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Trevor Loudon
New Zeal
From Russia Today – the hillside suburb of Sumner and parts of the Central City

The Press – St. Albans and parts of the Central City.

TVNZ – Central City

There is more video at New Zeal.

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