advocates violence against Romney in profanity-laced ad

Joe Newby
Spokane Conservative Examiner
10/30/2012, with the help of Michael Moore, produced a very graphic ad that is “not safe for work” and advocates violence if Mitt Romney wins the November election, TheRight Scoop reported Monday.

According to, the two minute long ad is a “moving, inspirational message.”

“We will burn this m*****f****r down,” one elderly woman says in the ad.

Another woman threatens to “track down” Mitt Romney and give him a “c**k punch, right in the n*t sack” if Republicans “steal the election.”

“Liberals think violence is funny,” Jim Hoft wrote at the Gateway Pundit. “Especially when they’re talking about beating Republicans.”

Liberals, especially those on social media sites, have repeatedly advocated violence against Romney throughout the campaign. A number of unhinged liberals on Twitter have threatened to murder him, while others have threatened to commit acts of domestic terrorism against the White House if Romney wins.

During the 2010 midterm election, wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore urged Democrats to get angrier than they already are, while encouraged followers to “birddog” and harass GOP candidates.

Now, the two have joined forces to call for violence if Romney wins in November…

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