Moving from an Emboldened Left in 2012 to a Legal Insurrection in 2013

Anne Sorock
Legal Insurrection

The 2012 word of the year ought to be “emboldened,” in reference to the radical left, the anti-freedom elements of our society: the union operatives, naive but militant Occupy, radical anti-Americanists, and leftist community organizers…

…A reader of this site I was speaking with, who immigrated to the United States from a communist country, said that amongst his friends, they have a phrase to describe what happened in their countries: “first came the pen, and then the fist.”

First the media softened the environment, and only then rulers like Ho Chi Minh came to power.

It is the media that has provided cover for the Emboldenment of the anti-freedom groups of 2012. It is here that we need to bring our battle, for the media sets the narrative, chooses the protagonists and the scapegoats, and picks what is news, and what the public will never hear about. It is local media, above all, that reaches households on a daily basis who aren’t attuned to politics.

I’ve been observing my local media channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the incredible emboldenment of their reporters to refuse to report–and scoff at those who would challenge them–any news that does not fit their narrative. They no longer hide it, they’ve talked on camera about their plans to refuse to cover events. NBC Chicago reporters have now, multiple times, exposed themselves without fear. For who will report it?…

…Let’s make the word of 2013: Insurrection. (Legal, of course.)…

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From the site’s comments section:  Excellence Means Education Putting What We Feel, Wish For, and Think In Harmony

Then Professor Jacobson wrote about Anne’s post, “first came the pen, and then the fist”

…A free and independent press is so fundamental to liberty.

We have a press that is free, but not independent.  Our press has become the tip of the arrow for one political party, and more than anything, one political personality cult…

Update: Here’s your first lesson on what the legal insurrection looks like–Ted Nugent smacks down Piers Morgan on gun control Sweet!

Also, Mark Levin: Conservatives saved the Republican Party from itself

Update 2: NRA President David Keene on “Face the Nation” Stands Up for 2nd Amendment Rights of Every American in Face of Criticism by Bob Schieffer 

National Rifle Association President David Keene stood up for the 2nd Amendment rights of every American in the face of unrelenting criticism by CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” today. Schieffer acted totally incredulous that the President of the NRA is not in favor of curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights!

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