Muslim Sharia law under the microscope in Melksham, UK

Chris Melvin
This is Wiltshire
12th May 2010

An academic expert in Muslim Sharia law is holding a presentation on the subject for women in Melksham later this month.

Amra Bone, who has worked as a lecturer in Islamic studies, will hold a presentation introducing Sharia law and in particular Sharia family law, for women of all faiths and backgrounds [emphasis CAJ] at Melksham Assembly Hall, between 10am and 1pm on May 22.

The visit is being funded by Wiltshire Council and organised by West Wiltshire Interfaith Group.

Mrs Bone, who sits on the National Muslim Women’s Advisory Group, will focus on aspects of family law including marriage, divorce and women’s rights in Sharia law during her presentation, before answering questions. It is free will have an area where children can do arts and crafts during the talk.

West Wiltshire Interfaith Group is also organising an event called “Caring Together for Planet Earth” to discuss challenges facing communities across generations, cultures and nations.

The event will take place at United Church Hall, Bradford on Avon, at 7pm on May 18 and is free to attend.

H/T Astute Bloggers and Creeping Sharia who writes:

An academic expert – does that include stoning? Beheading? Killing apostates? Wife beating? Will those aspects of sharia law be shared with women of all faiths and backgrounds who attend? Or will they only find out after converting?

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