Nanny Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group To Hammer Dem Sen. Pryor With Negative Ads For Defying Obama On Background Checks, Will ‘Make An Example Of Him’…

Weasel Zippers

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Bloomy is public enemy number one.

…Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the well-funded group co-founded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is seriously considering a months-long television, radio and direct-mail campaign against Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, one of four Democrats who opposed expanding a background check for guns.

The goal: Make an example of him.

Senior members of Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns met at length Sunday to debate potential responses to the failure of President Obama’s gun regulation package, including a watered-down background check provision that fell five votes short…


Read the whole thing at Weasel Zippers.


RelatedCapitol Hill Event Links Sugary Drinks To School Shootings

In the wake of tragic events such as the Sandy Hook shootings, the left has done little else but blame guns and gun owners for the actions of one maniac.

Despite the fact their proposals would do nothing to prevent a similar attack, knee-jerk lawmakers continue to push for stricter gun control policies.

Liberals are able to focus some attention on other targets, such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s failed attempt to limit soda portions. At least one prominent voice has found a way to combine the left’s hatred of guns and sugary beverages and unveiled the hypothesis to attendees of a Capitol Hill luncheon…


Look out, Dr. Pepper!

Update: He evidently fails to see the irony in his recent attack on our Constitution: Michael Bloomberg: If we want to protect ourselves from people who want to take away our freedoms, we might have to give up some of our freedoms


Update 2: Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly Targeting Senators Who Opposed Gun Control



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