New book exposes how Bill Ayers has been using K-12 classrooms to continue his anti-America revolution

Ben Velderman


SCOTTDALE, Ga. – Terrorist-turned-education professor Bill Ayers is 68 years old, but he’s still suffering from an identity crisis that’s more common among people a third his age.

Ayers has long described himself as a “small c” communist (whatever that means), but lately he’s been describing himself as an “anarchist” and “freedom fighter.”

He also likes to refer to himself and other educators as “world changers.”

Regardless of how Ayers is branding himself these days, there have been two constants to his lifelong political philosophy: a hatred of free market capitalism and a desire to create a social revolution in the United States.

As Ayers explained to a group of Occupy Wall Street supporters in 2012, “I get up every morning thinking, ‘Today I’m gonna make a difference. I’m gonna end capitalism.’”

In a new book, “Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution,” professor and author Mary Grabar traces how that ideology has shaped Ayers’ entire adult life, all the way from his bomb-making days in the 1960s and ‘70s to his 23-year career training future public school teachers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The book also explains how Ayers has become an icon in the education community, and how his revolutionary views are continuing to influence young K-12 teachers today…

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