New Brown ad attacks Warren over ‘you didn’t build it’ argument

“This is not your mother’s Democratic party.”

~Andrew Breitbart

Ed Morrissey

So, which Senate candidate in Massachusetts is running on the Kennedy legacy? Don’t be too quick to answer — because the man who scolded a debate moderator in the 2010 special election for referring to the Senate seat as “Ted Kennedy’s seat” does some Kennedy-invoking of his own to shame his opponent. Scott Brown’s new web ad uses the words of John Kennedy in praise of American enterprise, Bill Clinton in praise of small business, and LBJ in praise of the American entrepreneurial spirit. The ad then asks, How did we go from JFK, LBJ, and Clinton to Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama?…


…The ad reminds voters that this isn’t their fathers’ Democratic Party any longer — a point Joe Lieberman made last week

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H/T Massachusetts resident, DaTechGuy:

If Elizabeth Warren is too left for Barack Obama ya think she might be too left to beat Scott Brown?

Update:  Scott Brown Crystallizes the Transformation of the Democratic Party

…Scott Brown’s political commercial underscores the change.  With audio clips from those past Democratic Presidents  applauding the free enterprise entrepreneurial spirit of America, Brown has juxtaposed the Democrats we remember with today’s Democrats, and the difference is glaring…

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