Newly formed Jewish Tea Party of N.Y. plans first event

Tom Wrobleski

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The newly established Jewish Tea Party of New York will hold its first official event Wednesday, a Staten Island Stands With Israel event co-hosted by the Staten Island Tea Party.

“It is time for Americans to stand and proclaim their support of the only true democracy in the Middle East,” said group founder Ilya Galak, editor of Citizens Magazine, a publication that caters to the borough’s burgeoning immigrant Russian population…

…Said Galak: “Israel is a staunch ally of the United States in a terribly dangerous region. The people of Israel need to know that ordinary American citizens stand shoulder-to-shoulder in their defense.”

The event will feature guest speakers, including former Conservative Party gubernatorial candidate Herb London, and a viewing of a rally being held in Jerusalem by conservative personality Glenn Beck.

“The response has been tremendous so far,” said Galak, who said seating would be limited to 350 people at the event. He said seats have been filling through word-of-mouth and Staten Island Tea Party mailings…

…The Jewish Tea Party of New York shares three core beliefs with the larger Tea Party movement: Constitutionally limited government, fiscal sanity and free markets.

Mindful that many Russians here fled the communist Soviet Union, the group also opposes any imposition of “socialism on the free and independent people of America.”

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