No rocks through Driehaus’ Cincinnati office window

Elizabeth Delaney
Hartford Examiner

Cincinnati, OH – Though the Seattle Times had reported on March 24th that a rock was thrown through Congressman Driehaus’ Cincinnati office window (the office is on the 30th floor of the Carew Tower skyscraper), Driehaus’ office staff are confirming that no such incident occurred. asked an aide named Molly if she knew if the incident of a rock being thrown through the Hamilton County Democratic Headquarters window was in any way related to the Cincinnati Tea Party, and she said that as far as she knows, that the Cincinnati Tea Party is not responsible for the incident.

Examiner also spoke with a Hamilton County Democratic Office representative who identified himself as Caleb Faux. He indicated that a report had been filed with the Cincinnati Police. He further explained that though the rock did leave a hole in the first pane of a double pane glass window, that the rock had bounced off the glass and landed outside. He also said that since there were no witnesses and no leads as to who threw the rock, nothing is being investigated. When asked about the Seattle article and the rock being thrown through Driehaus’ Cincinnati office window, he replied, “I think that report is an error. You’d have to have an awfully good pitching arm to throw something that high.” [Emphasis CAJ] He also confirmed that Driehaus does not have an office inside the Hamilton County Headquarters, that they simply represent the Democratic party.

The entire article is at the Examiner.

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