‘Not My Debt’

College Students Refuse to Pledge to Pay Their Share of National Debt

Jonathon M. Seidl
The Blaze

Last week, we brought you video from a guy who caught liberal college students eager to redistribute wealth but not grades. Now, that same guy (Oliver Darcy) is back with another experiment: If college students are opposed to the Republican plan to cut spending to reduce the national debt, might they be willing to reduce the deficit by paying their share of the national debt?

Would those college students sign a pledge vowing to pay their approximate $47,000 share? The answer?

Well, there was this: “I don’t contribute to the national debt.”

This: “I don’t have any debt.”

And this: “It’s not my debt.”

We’ll take that as a “no.” But those curious responses beg the question: Have these college students ever taken an economics class? “It’s not my debt.” Really?

But the real gems come in the second half of the video, when the students offer their suggestions on how to get rid of the national debt. You know, like “abolish the government” and “Fu** the military.”

Watch the video at The Blaze.

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