Not ready to leave Hawaii


‘Trying to mount a coup’
by Carol E. Lee

HONOLULU — On the last day of his Hawaiian vacation, President Barack Obama declared that he did not want to go home.

Asked during an after-hours tour of the Honolulu Zoo if he was ready to head back to Washington, Obama and his family replied in unison: “No!”

“Let’s stay,” first lady Michelle Obama joked to reporters. “We’ll all stay. Are we all in? I’m trying to mount a coup.”

The president spent some of the final hours of his 11-day trip at the zoo, on the golf course and visiting the cemetery where his grandfather is buried.

Obama’s Sunday began in the way he started each of his vacation days: at the gym. Afterward, he played 18 holes on the Marine Corps Base Hawaii’s Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course with his friends Marty Nesbitt of Chicago and Bobby Titcomb and Mike Ramos of Hawaii…

…Obama returns to Washington Monday morning to face a packed agenda, after learning a lesson that numerous presidents have figured out the hard way, too: The holidays are rarely a time for total relaxation…

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