NY Times perpetuates myth of Andrew Breitbart’s misleading Shirley Sherrod video

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

We have examined several times the false claim that the original edited videotape released by Andrew Breitbart of Shirley Sherrod’s  speech to a local NAACP group was misleading in that it allegedly failed to reveal that Sherrod overcame her negative feelings towards a white farmer when she was a state agriculture official.

In fact, the original edited tape revealed that Sherrod overcame those feelings, as I have demonstrated over and over again through a frame-by-frame analysis:

Nonetheless, the media keeps claiming that Sherrod overcoming her racist feelings only was revealed when the unedited tape was released, after she was fired by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She later was offerred her job back but refused, and settled with the government while pursuing legal claims against Breitbart (and his estate) and Larry O’Connor.

It’s happened again, in a NY Times article about the expansion of Breitbart.com…

…As we approach the second anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s death, we need to keep fighting against the smear made against him regarding the Shirley Sherrod tape.



The entire post, with video, is at Legal Insurrection.



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