Obama – The Anti-Israel President

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Below is the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s new video: Obama – The Anti-Israel President.

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Related: U.S. Spent $200M on Egypt Election

The Obama administration spent some $200 million on democracy building in the lead-up to the elections this week in Egypt.

But with 65 percent of the vote going to Islamist candidates, it doesn’t appear the money was well spent…

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Update:  Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Favoritism Will Lead to War i the Middle East, at Big Peace.

…The mainstream media are so stupid with regards to the Middle East that they do not even know what they don’t know. “The Arab Spring is about freedom” is ridiculous. While the spark may have been about freedom, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists have used this spark to achieve their goals, which is the sixth Caliphate, and have almost succeeded with the finishing line in sight.

Leon Panetta, adding to the complete folly of US policy in the Middle East, has criticized the United States’ so-called ally Israel for not reaching out to Turkey and Egypt. However, Israel is the only one that does the reaching out, and it appears the more reaching out it does, the bigger the black eye it gets…

At Blazing Cat Fur, French minister: No such thing as moderate Islam. “…Jeannette Bougrab, ‘a French woman of Arab origin.’ ”

Update 2: ‘I used to be a lot more critical of Israel…’  Pat Condell comes out swinging. It’s absolutely worth five minutes of your time!

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