Obama admin still leaking like a sieve: LA Times has the details

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The Pentagon is preparing for a longer bombardment of Syria than it originally had planned, with a heavy barrage of missile strikes followed soon after by more attacks on targets that the opening salvos missed or failed to destroy, officials said.

The planning for intense attacks over a three-day period reflects the growing belief in the White House and the Pentagon that the United States needs more firepower to inflict even minimal damage on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, which have been widely dispersed over the last two weeks, the officials said….


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Also at the site, Assad could avert attack by giving up chemical arms, Kerry says

Syrian President Bashar Assad could resolve the crisis surrounding a chemical weapons attack simply by turning over “every single bit” of his weapons stock to the international community within a week, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday…

…Syrian soldiers may have used chemical weapons in a recent lethal attack without receiving permission from President Bashar Assad, the German paper Bild am Sonntag reported Sunday. The paper said that Germany’s intelligence services had intercepted a number of radio transmissions over the past four months, in which officers had asked Assad for permission to use gas…

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And Latest Muslim Brotherhood craze: the “Rabaa” or “R4bia” four-finger salute 






Related:   Oh My! John Kerry Threatens Syria with an “Unbelievably Small” Kind of Attack!

…Kerry said today that the military strike on Syria they are asking for Congressional approval for will be “unbelievably small” – which, of course, makes any sane person think, “Why do it at all if it is of no consequence!”…





Read the whole thing. If this weren’t so tragic, it would be hilarious.



Update: Judge Andrew Napolitano spoke with Brian Wilson for the Libertas Media project on Syria and the president’s authority to strike. The podcast is here.



Update 2:  From The Times of Israel,

Syria welcomes international control over its chemical weapons
Russian FM says he’ll push Assad to give up WMDs to avoid airstrikes; Kerry: Attack can be averted if Damascus agrees to cede ‘every single bit’ of its arsenal by week’s end…


CAJ note: If this works, watch Obama take indefinite credit for Russia’s success, just the way he has since “he” killed Osama bin Laden.



Update 3:  Doesn’t John Kerry’s promise of an “unbelievably small attack” remind you of this:


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