Obama administration sources: President has no constitutional authority to unilaterally attack another country

Doug Powers
Michelle Malkin

There’s obviously a lot of discussion this week in regards to whether the administration led by a recent Nobel Peace Prize winner has constitutional authority to attack Syria without congressional approval. Some say an attack could be launched today or within days.

Certain administration sources say the president can’t legally attack another country without congressional approval unless an attack on the U.S. is imminent — and those administration sources are none other than President Obama and VP Joe Biden.

In 2007, Barack Obama made it clear that a president must have congressional approval to attack another country:

The article continues, with more video, at MichelleMalkin.com


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Following up on Ace’s post here is Biden telling Chris Matthews back in 2007 that he is deadly serious about attempting to impeach Bush if he goes to war in Iran without congressional authorization…


Watch the video at the link.



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