Obama czar: U.S. was ‘apartheid regime’

Demands ‘theology of resistance, liberation’ to transform society

by Aaron Klein
September 3, 2009

The U.S. was an “apartheid regime” that civil rights workers helped turn into a “struggling, fledgling democracy,” according to President Obama’s controversial environmental adviser, Van Jones.

In a video screened by WND, Jones also called for a new “theology of resistance” and “theology of liberation” aimed at transforming American society.

Jones was speaking at the July 2005 Conference on Spiritual Activism in Berkeley, Calif., organized by radical activist Michael Lerner, the founding editor of the far-left magazine Tikkun.

Stated Jones: “We forget sometimes that the people who poured out their blood on the ground in this country, to turn an apartheid regime into a struggling, fledgling democracy, the so-called civil rights workers, when they went to face the dogs, when they went to face the fire hoses, when they sat shivering in cold jail cells soaked in blood, when they faced lynch mobs, when they found their children shot down in the street, they didn’t march at laundromats , they didn’t march at high school gymnasiums.

“They marched out of church houses … that was a great moment for progressive leftists,” he said.

At the conference, Jones, speaking on the theme of transforming American society, called for a “new myth, we need a new theology of resistance, we need a new theology of liberation rooted in another part of the book.”

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