Obama dares American Jews to vote against him

Carl in Jerusalem
Israel Matzav

Jennifer Rubin writes that President Obama is daring American Jews to vote against him by giving former President Jimmy Carter, the anti-Semite from Plains, a prime time speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention.

It is mind boggling that no one stopped this and that the president’s team, which is micromanaging the convention, does not after 3 ½ years “get it.”

Matt Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition e-mailed me: “The fact that the DNC would offer a prime time speaking slot to Jimmy Carter highlights just how out of touch and tone deaf they are. Giving a platform to someone who has been openly hostile to Israel and equated the country to the South African apartheid regime is offensive. At a time when the Obama campaign is launching a charm offensive to the American Jewish community this message will resonate loud and clear with American Jews as to why it’s time for a change in 2012.”

The offense is so obvious that usually staunch Democrats are speaking out. The National Democratic Jewish Council (NJDC) issued a stern rebuke. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) did as well…

The article continues at Israel Matzav

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Watch this SHOCKING video to see how Islamic groups that are registered as US tax deductible organizations (501c3) openly support Hamas, Hezbollah and terrorist activities. There is no shame, it is right out in the open.

Here is a quote from Imam Mahdi Bray of the Islamic Society of Central Florida. You can watch it yourself on the video, starting at the 5 minute mark. After raising $55,000, here is what the Imam said. And he repeated it three times:

Yeah, if you’re writing a check, the check should be made payable to “Muslim American Society Freedom” and also we’re a 501c3. The brother wanted me to let you know that your donation IS tax deductible, okay? Your donation is tax deductible. I’ll say it one more time: Your donation is tax deductible.”…

The article continues at United with Israel where there is video and a petition.

Update: Jewish and Christian Pro-Israel Groups Slam Democratic Party for Inviting Jimmy Carter to Speak at DNC Convention…During Prime Time

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