Obama declares racism inhabits Americans' DNA

Andrew Malcolm

Barack Obama made a revealing — and disappointing — observation in a podcast interview the other day.

The interview with a comedian named Marc Maron received extensive news coverage because Obama used a crude term for black people, usually bleeped in audio or described in print as n—–.

But that’s not what caught our ear.

What shocked was Obama’s open declaration in a public forum that Americans are racists by their very genetic nature. For some reason, most media skipped right past the ugly utterance.

It’s an incredible charge to be made by the first black American president, a man who received 69.5 million votes from his countrymen in 2008 and 65.9 million votes from apparent racists in 2012.

Does nothing ever satisfy this arrogant fellow? Would even a unanimous vote of every single American convince this aloof man that most of his fellow citizens abide with good hearts genuinely open to awarding their highest office regardless of skin color?…

…the fact is since Obama’s 1961 birth, no country in the world has made greater progress toward racial harmony. And possibly no place has done more than the Palmetto State to progress, having twice elected an Indian-American governor and black senator…


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