Obama Fires 20,000 Marines, But Sends $700 Million to Palestinian Terrorists

Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Magazine

I recall Obama talking a lot about “Nation-Building at Home” instead of abroad, but like every other word that comes out of his mouth, that was another lie.

While Barack Hussein Obama is firing 20,000 Marines as part of his massive purge of the United States military to “save money”, he’s also fighting to send $700 million to the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority.

On Feb 8th, Obama issued yet another waiver for Palestinian Authority aid, claiming that sending money to the corrupt undemocratic terrorist kleptocracy that refuses to negotiate a peaceful solution was “important to the national security interests of the United States.”

Unlike those 20,000 Marines who aren’t important to the national security of the United States…

…Should the American people continue suffering under crippling taxes while their money is being used to fund international terrorism?

The complete article is at FrontPage Magazine.

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