Obama launches frontal attack on conservative talk radio

August 15, 2009
Columbia Conservative Examiner
Anthony G. Martin

…Barack Obama has launched a full, frontal attack on conservative talk radio, and he is doing it without re-implementing ‘the Fairness Doctrine.’…

…the liberal have stated that if they ever retake Congress and the White House a top priority would be to bring back ‘the Fairness Doctrine’ in order to reign in conservative talk radio and marginalize the voices of Limbaugh and Beck.

However, with this President, bringing back the Fairness Doctrine is totally unnecessary. Obama can accomplish his goals by simply appointing a czar that isn’t accountable to anyone but him.

He has done exactly that with the radio issue.

Obama recently appointed to the FCC an officer that we have never had before in America. It is called the ‘Chief Diversity Officer,’ the goal of which is to make sure that on radio there is a broad diversity of opinion. Nevermind that there is no such diversity in the mainstream media, i.e., TV and newspapers.

The man that Obama appointed to be the ‘content czar’ for talk radio is Mark Loyd. Loyd wrote a book in 2006, published by the University of Illinois Press, entitled, Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America, in which he proposes, among other things, that private radio broadcasters be required to pay a sum equal to their total operating costs in order to benefit public radio broadcasting.

Forget for a moment that no business can survive by paying some other entity a sum equal to their total operating expenses. This, of course, would drive private broadcasters out of business…

…But let’s get back to the primary issue at hand. Loyd’s appointment to the FCC is ominous proof that Barack Obama has declared open war on conservative talk radio. It is clear he wants all of radio to be just like ABC News, which set up its operation inside the White House so that Obama could push his government takeover of healthcare. ABC is his lapdog as are the other major networks.

Why would government officials want to launch such an assault on conservative talk radio when they practically have all of the rest of the media in their hip pocket?…

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