Obama legacy defense gets early start

by Carol E. Lee

ARCADIA, Fla. – President Barack Obama has been in office just nine months and already he is defending his legacy, pushing back more aggressively against criticism of his record on health care, climate change, closing Guantanamo, reforming immigration laws and financial regulations and managing the war in Afghanistan.

For the past two weeks, as he’s jetted across the country to fill Democrats’ 2010 coffers, Obama has been test driving a new speech that sounds a lot like one he’d be giving if he were on the ballot next year: A line-item defense of his record so far, and a sober reminder to supporters of the against-the-odds campaign slog that eventually swept him into office…

…Democratic strategist Chris Lehane likened Obama’s recent speeches to testing out a new message with a “series of rolling focus groups.”…

H/T to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit who remarked, “This isn’t a good sign.” The article continues at Politico.com

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