Obama policy reduces Congressional oversight over weapons exports


President Barack Obama, in a move that could affect Middle East allies, has trimmed oversight by Congress of weapons exports.

Congressional leaders said the Obama administration has reduced House and Senate oversight over proposed U.S. arms sales.

They said the White House was virtually eliminating the consultation process with Congress before formally proposing weapons exports.

“We must retain a framework for consultations so that Congress’ views and concerns are addressed,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry said.

For decades, Congress was notified informally of major arms sales and often held negotiations that revised such projects. In some cases, particularly in the Middle East, reservations by House and Senate leaders led to a significant reduction in the sale of weapons to such countries as Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

“The only recourse for us will be to formally introduce joint resolutions of disapproval on many more sales,” said an April 3 letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed by Sen. Richard Lugar, House Foreign Affairs Committee chairwoman Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the ranking Democrat, Rep. Howard Berman.

Lugar warned that the administration’s new policy could harm Israel…

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Update:  U.S. ties Israel aid to Iron Dome technology access

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