Obama says: Cuba Si!, Gulf Coast No!

John Hunt
American Thinker

Wall Street Journal columnist Russell Gold reports on Friday, July 2, on the pending deepwater drilling off of Cuba by Spain’s Repsol YPF SA, on locations that could be as close as 60 miles from Florida. For reference, the Macondo #1 blowout is about 57 miles off Louisiana.

Way down within that story is a telling revelation of the Obama administration working on a contingency to help Cuba, should the Macondo #1 oil spill reach there.

Mr. Gold writes,

In the even of a spill in Cuban waters, many ships, equipment and personnel from the U.S. Gulf Coast could be prevented from helping because of the embargo.

The article continues:

But that may be changing. A Treasury Department spokeswoman said some U.S. firms involved in oil cleanup have been issued licenses to travel to Cuba in case oil from the continuing spill hits beaches there.

Therefore, team Obama has expended time, resources, personnel (and funding) to issue those travel licenses and assure that American workers could be able to travel to Cuba in order to clean up Cuba’s beaches if the Macondo #1 blowout spill reaches Cuba, a very slim possibility.

The Obama administration found time to do that, while they have slow walked requests of Americans to contain the spill and/or clean up what has already hit beaches and swamps of the American Gulf Coast.

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