Obama Says That If Supreme Court Justices Overturn ObamaCare, It Will Amount to Judicial Overreach…

…Judge Napolitano Blasts Back Saying the President “Knows This is Our System”

Fox News Insider

President Obama made comments yesterday about the Supreme Court and those comments are making headlines today. President Obama predicted that the justices will uphold ObamaCare, and he added that overturning the law would amount to judicial overreach.

Earlier on Happening Now, Judge Napolitano discussed these comments with Jenna Lee. He said that the president is entitled to make such predictions and to make a strong constitutional argument in favor of the statute, but when the president questions whether or not the Supreme Court has the authority to invalidate the statute, it “belies the history of the country and the president’s education of that history.”

The judge explained that this is not the first time we’ve seen a president challenge the court, but said it hasn’t happened since Andrew Jackson did it in 1835.

Napolitano pointed out that President Obama went to the best law school in America, and said, “He knows that this is our system. It is our system that unelected, life-tenured judges get to decide what the law and the Constitution mean, and they have the power to invalidate what the Congress and what the president does.”

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