Obama Skips National Security Team Meeting on Russia, Ukraine; Putin Seeks Access to Bases in Eight Countries

Daniel Halper
The Weekly Standard

A White House official emailed some reporters to say that President Obama’s team met today to discuss the ongoing situation on Ukraine. It appears President Obama did not attend.

“The President’s national security team met today to receive an update on the situation in Ukraine and discuss potential policy options. We will provide further updates later this afternoon,” reads the full statement.

According to Time magazine’s Zeke Miller, Obama skipped the meeting. “Obama did not attend the meeting, but WH official says he has been briefed by Susan Rice and his national security team,” says Miller.



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Ukraine’s Crimea region, a Black Sea peninsula that retains a degree of autonomy, has become the flashpoint for a backlash against the pro-Western protesters that drove President Viktor Yanukovych from power. Review some key historical and geopolitical facts.



On our doorstep:  Russia Seeks Access to Bases in Eight Countries for Its Ships and Bombers

Russia says it is negotiating with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Algeria, Cyprus, the Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore about access to facilities that can be used by its navy and strategic bombers.



Russia Recalling Ambassador From U.S., Sending Troops Into Ukraine

As of Saturday morning, the Russian Parliament has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to recall Moscow’s Ambassador from the United States. This, as the Putin has been given authority by the Russian Parliament to use military force in response to government overthrow in Ukraine.

In granting that authority, the Russian Parliament stated that threats to the lives of Russian citizens and soldiers stationed in Crimea made the situation one where Russia must act. Meantime, as of Saturday, Russian armed forces have now seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula…



Most Russians believe the Crimea is theirs – Putin has acted on his belief

…It’s unlikely that what’s happening in Ukraine will foment a new protest movement in Russia: the ongoing crackdown on civil society makes the cost of protest too high. Still, the Crimean invasion is a landmark in Russian domestic politics.

It signals a loss of innocence: no longer will Russians be able to think that Putin merely feels nostalgic for the USSR. It also signals ever greater polarisation of Russian society: in addition to all the other lines along which Russians are divided and across which civilised dialogue is impossible, there is now the chasm between supporters and opponents of the planned annexation. It also means the political crackdown in Russia will intensify further…



Update:  Obama Goes to Happy Hour with Democrats After Ukraine Statement  (video)

Right after he warned Russia not to invade Ukraine, President Barack Obama went to the DNC meeting and proclaimed “officially happy hour with the Democratic Party.”…



….happy hour after Crimea, Las Vegas after Benghazi…



Update 2: Lefties go full meltdown over Time journo’s side-by-side image of Obama and Putin [pic]

Meanwhile, be sure to check the photos in the comments section of the article…and scroll all the way down. 



It only took Obama 5 years…

…To turn a cold war victory that it took half a dozen presidents from Harry Truman to George Bush 41 to win into defeat. The question isn’t if Putin is going to keep the Crimea that’s already been established, the question is: Will there be an independent country called “Ukraine” anymore or…



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