Obama to use a 14th Amendment maneuver?

Carney: If We Have No Other Alternative We Will “Take Action”


[[we are also realistic. that grand bargain if you will is still on the table. the one that the speaker of the house walked away from. and while often republicans don’t like to admit it, they came very close to an agreement. and that agreement is still available. now, if we are not able to achieve that in the next several days, we still need — we have no other alternative, we have to take action to ensure that we do not default. and we have to take action to reduce our deficit.]]

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At TheRightScoop, Jackson Lee urges Obama to use 14th Amendment. Also at the site, Ryan to Hannity: A Split in the Movement

UpdateWhy Obama won’t use the 14th Amendment “option” at HotAir.com

Barack Obama won’t unilaterally raise the nation’s debt ceiling through an executive order. Note, however, that I didn’t say “can’t.” Can Obama, in perfectly practical rather than legal terms, issue an executive order that unilaterally raises the debt ceiling in order to avoid a default? Of course. But it won’t work, for two reasons, and it would be a political disaster even if Obama succeeded, for another two reasons…

Update: Jack M. Balkin, a Professor of Constitutional Law at Yale, writes at CNN Opinion: 3 ways Obama could bypass Congress. We think the Professor meant to write “3 ways Obama could once AGAIN bypass Congress as regards lifting the debt ceiling.” The Professor is not unbiased in his thinking, btw. In his second paragraph, “Suppose, however, that the tea party gets its way, and the debt ceiling is not increased.”

Heh. Roll over and play dead, America. You’re in Barack Obama’s way.

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