Obama Tweets No Red or Blue States…

Narcissist: Obama Tweets No Red or Blue States…Barack States!

Ben Shapiro
Big Government

Last night, President Obama’s campaign Twitter feed posted the following tweet:

…This is 1984-type stuff…

Read the entire article at Big Government.

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Twitter ‘Hit List’, Organized by the #StopRush Liberal Fascists Who Are All Hatetivists

Not The Twitter I Thought I Knew

As I understand this, a small group of lefties decide some conservative is racist, homophobic or whatever, flag them on Twitter for spamming, and the account is blocked. That sounds like par for the left as I understand it (like minded protestors have been disrupting campus speeches for decades), but here is what surprises me – what is going to happen when some party hack in Syria or Iran or China opens a few hundred accounts run by state loyalists and starts taking down on-line revolutionaries by flagging them for spam?

Is Twitter really going to aid in the auto-stifling of dissent? Sure sounds like it…

Update: “Is Twitter working on a solution to keep liberals from abusing the spam submission system in the future?”

“Dana Loesch and many others want answers from Twitter. Why did they suspend Chris Loesch’s account? Was the suspension due to liberals flag-spamming him?”

Read both links.

GREEN: Twitter used to silence conservatives?

H/T Sean Hackbarth


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