Obama under the glare of WikiLeaks

Janet Levy
American Thinker

When queried about the release of secret U.S. diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs replied, “We should never be afraid of one guy who plopped down $35 and bought a web address.”

While the White House may be unafraid of Assange and his website, the impact of the information itself is undeniable. It may be too early to fully assess the damage to national security wrought by Assange, but one thing is clear: government accounts of several key issues and newsworthy events have vastly diverged from the reality revealed in the cables…

…Obama’s outreach and appeasement of the Muslim world has been a feature of his presidency from the beginning of his term: his first presidential address in Cairo, his admonitions to NASA to engage with Muslim nations and “help them feel good about their historic contribution to science,” his praise of Muslim-majority Indonesia despite horrific treatment of that nation’s Christians, his bow to Saudi King Abdullah, his apology to the Muslim world on Al-Arabiya, and other actions. However, WikiLeaks further exposed the extent of his outreach to Muslims in a cable to U.S. diplomats in Britain. In it, Obama ordered outreach efforts to Britain’s Muslim community as a top priority vital to U.S. foreign policy interests in the U.K. and beyond. This is a remarkable order in light of the fact that a recent survey of British Muslims revealed that fully one-third backed killing in the name of Islam and 40% want Islamic sharia law in Britain.

Pressure by U.S. diplomats on Pope Benedict to be more pro-Islamic provided further evidence of special accommodation to the Muslim world. In an academic lecture he gave in 2006, the pope referenced a 14th-century Byzantine emperor who referred to Mohammed as bringing “only evil and inhuman things.” Following a fury of criticism from Muslim countries and pressure from the Obama administration, the Pope moderated his public statements to be more conciliatory toward Islam.

In non-Middle East global politics, Obama administration hypocrisy also prevails, according to the WikiLeaks cables…

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