Obama: We Are In ‘A Battle For The Hearts And Minds Of Americans’

Zeke Miller
Business Insider

In remarks at a fundraiser in New York City President Barack Obama predicted that it is going to be an “extraordinary fall,” as Democrats and Republicans are set to wrangle over jobs and deficits.

Obama said there are “enormous stakes and we’re in a battle. A battle for the hearts and minds of Americans.”

He added that his hope had been that “we could pull together as Americans,” but said “we have not had a willing partner.”

“We’ve seen some irreconcilable differences,” he said of work with Congress, adding that hours after announcing his deficit plan, “we’re already hearing the moans and groans of the other side.”

Obama is in town for the United Nations General Assembly, though he is also participating in fundraisers for the Democratic party and his reelection campaign.


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