Obama: We will outlast opponents

October 16, 2009

(CNN) — President Barack Obama says he’s determined to fight for his agenda and to outlast his critics.

“Some of our opponents think they are going to wear us down,” the president said at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee Thursday night in San Francisco. “I’m not tired, I’m refreshed.”

“We are not going to stop until we get health care done, until we’ve got an energy bill that we’re proud of,” said Obama. “They’re going to get tired; we’re not going to get tired — we’re going to keep on going.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s district covers most of San Francisco, introduced Obama. The president made light of the verbal attacks Pelosi endures, not only from Republicans but also at times from fellow Democrats.

“Every day, every day she is subjected to constant criticism and griping, and then there’s the other party,” said Obama.

But the president also said the Speaker can handle such criticism, saying, “Nancy Pelosi is tough, I want everybody to know that.”

A Democratic source says the fundraiser was expected to raise around $3 million. Obama headlines another DNC fundraiser next week in New York City.

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