Obama Will Hold Talks With Ahmadinejad But Not With BP

Jim Hoft

Barack Obama unabashedly announced during the 2008 Campaign that he would be willing to meet with the world’s worst dictators including the Iranian Preisident Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez from Venezuela and Kim Jong Il from North Korea in his first year in office “without preconditions.”

Yesterday, Barack Obama told Today host Matt Lauer that he won’t talk with the BP CEO.
(2:35 in the video) Via HotAir:

Barack Obama: “It’s going to cost them money and I’m going to stay on them if it’s the last thing I do in this administration to make sure that…

Matt Lauer: Have you spoken directly with the CEO of BP?

Barack Obama: I have not spoken to him directly and here’s the reason, because my experience is, when you talk to a guy like the BP CEO, he’s going to say all the right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions…

Matt Lauer: In all due respect that seems strange to me.


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