ObamaCare Rules to be Unleashed After Election

Dr. Susan Berry
Big Government
6 Nov 2012

President Obama has not talked about ObamaCare much during the campaign, understandably because most Americans want the health care law repealed. But just wait. We’ll be hearing a lot more about the president’s signature legislation, because a “flood” of ObamaCare rules will be unleashed upon us immediately following the election.

While Barack Obama has been on the campaign trail, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and her staff, along with those at the state level who are decision-making about the “exchanges,” have been busy working behind the scenes preparing for the “big reveal” of regulations.

On November 16th, the states face a deadline to inform the Obama administration whether they will implement the health insurance exchanges where consumers will purchase health insurance after 2014. States must have the exchanges ready to go in late 2013. If Obama wins and Democrats are still in control of the Senate, they will be sure the law is put in place as soon as possible…


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The Democrats and President Obama called their massive health care overhaul legislation, “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. ” But, to those like myself who buy our own health insurance, it has made health care anything even less affordable; our insurance premiums have skyrocketed.  Mine have increased 45% since the legislation passed.  Other friends have seen even more steep increases.

That’s just one of the problems created by the unpopular legislation.  Some companies are now shifting to part-time workers in order to avoid the penalties imposed by the law…

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The recall of all drugs from a Massachusetts manufacturer — in the latest response to the meningitis outbreak — will most likely exacerbate a critical shortage of at least six drugs that were already in short supply…

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