ObamaCare’s $4 Trillion Tax Increase

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Senator Jim DeMint has released a report that shows Obamacare will impose $4 trillion in new taxes on the economy between now and 2035.

Says the Senator:

“…these taxes will not be restricted to the wealthy and profitable healthcare businesses. Instead, the weight of $4 trillion in new taxes will be spread across all sectors and all income classes as incomes and economic growth decline….”

DeMint calls the report “Obamacare’s $4 Trillion Tax Increase.”

Here are the highlights…

…Many have shared the opinion that the intent of Obamacare was not Health Care, but government control of our lives, and that because of its unsustainability due to its massive cost and burden on those who must pay for this massive program, that the intent extends to bankrupting the nation and causing a catastrophic crisis that would require extreme government intervention.

What say you?

The complete article is at Liberty News.

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