Obama’s Grave Assault on Medical Conscience Rights

Kristan Hawkins
Human Events

During the past two years, Americans have seen the expansion of the federal government into sectors of their economy and personal life as never before. And earlier this year, the Obama administration quietly moved into a new area of American life, one of its most intimate, the patient-doctor relationship.

Like the Obama takeovers of the automobile industry, the banking industry and then the health care industry, the new conscience-rights assault is the administration’s latest attempt to fundamentally change our nation as we know it.

In February, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the rescission of most of the Bush administration’s 2008 conscience protections, removing the rights of doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals to object to prescribing or dispensing known abortifacient drugs such as Plan B and ella. This rescission sends a clear signal to medical professionals nationwide—leave your conscience at the door, and if you morally object to a medical procedure or medication, then you should be in another business…

…So now, faith-based and conscience doctors who truly care about their patients (born and preborn) and who recognize the scientific fact that life begins at conception, will not be able to exercise their civil right of conscience and will be forced to compromise their patient-based care.

This dangerous policy by the Obama administration puts both patients and medical professionals at risk…

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Update 2: Obamacare transparency fail: Who’s still waiting for waivers and who got denied? Obama won’t tell us

…Although the administration has approved more than 1,300 Obamacare waivers and published the recipients’ application information online, it has not made public which companies and other entities have been denied waivers and why they were denied.

Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) won’t release that information, nor will they publicly release the identities of those still waiting for a decision. HHS won’t even say how many applications are in the queue…

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