Obama's Housing Agency Spending Millions to Transform Inner Cities Into ‘Sustainable Communities’

Susan Jones

The Obama administration’s effort to create government-sanctioned “sustainable communities” moved ahead this week, with the announcement of almost $5 million in planning grants.

Seventeen poor communities across the U.S. will share the $4.95 million to draft plans for the “next generation” of public housing and other “sustainable” neighborhood improvements, such as better schools, anti-crime efforts, and greater access to health care and grocery stores.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan said the “Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants” are intended to revitalize entire neighborhoods – “to improve the lives of the residents who live there.”

In other words, the planned infrastructure improvements lean heavily on social engineering.

The Obama administration defines sustainable communities as places that have a variety of housing and transportation choices, with destinations (such as schools and shopping) that are close to home. “As a result, they tend to have lower transportation costs, reduce air pollution and stormwater runoff, decrease infrastructure costs, preserve historic properties and sensitive lands, save people time in traffic, be more economically resilient and meet market demand for different types of housing at different prices points.”

“It means safer, greener, more livable communities,” President Obama said two years ago.

According to HUD, the planning grants announced on Thursday focus on housing, people, and neighborhoods, as follows…

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