Obama’s Katrina

Jules Crittenden
Foreward Movement

This CBS poll suggests that the Obama administration, in order to be better liked, basically needs to pack it in. It’s the economy, and he’s acted stupidly.

It’s an ugly picture, looks like a hurricane just rolled through or maybe an oil rig exploded or the Basij militia just quelled a public disturbance. Only 13 percent say the stimulus helped them. Large numbers think he wasted time on that health care thing, spent too little time on the economy. I don’t know … looking at what he did when he did spend time on the economy, it’s hard to think that devoting more time running up the deficit to benefit a few hacks and push pork and assorted lefty agenda items would have helped much.

Taken with the oil thing, and the assorted foreign policy things, it’s starting to look like Obama’s Katrina is going to be … Obama.

The article continues at Foreward Movement. H/T Instapundit

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