Obama’s Private Army–It’s Not What You Think

Common Sense from a Common Man

This all started with a statement from The Obama:

Since the ObamaCare monstrosity passed a lot of people have been claiming that Obama and the Democrats slipped a “private army” into the health care bill.

Specifically, people have been referring to pages 1312 to 1315, Sections 5209 & 5210. The entire bill is here: ObamaCare Monstrosity Bill

Now let’s start with Section 5209:

Section 202 of the Department of Health and Human Services Appropriations Act, 1993 (Public Law 102–394) is amended by striking ‘‘not to exceed 2,800’’. Page 1312 Section 5209 of the PPACA

…Surprise! We have the beginnings of a Government Run, Government Controlled Health Care System. The cap is now lifted and Obama & Progressives can now add however many they need to fill the Commissioned Officers Corps.

So how do they ensure that they have an on demand supply of needed people to call upon whenever they need them and as they build their Universal Health Care System? You simply “Establish a Ready Reserve Corps”…

…So you say “Pete, come on. I mean Obama & Progressives are not forcing people to work in the Commissioned or Reserve Corps. It’s not like it’s a mandatory draft.”

America, wake up. Don’t you know by now that Obama & Progressives use stealth to enact their monstrosities upon society?

So you realize that the Student Loarn Program (Sallie Mae) has been taken over completely by Obama & Progressives right? There are no more private sources for student loans. None. Well except for one Bank in North Dakota that was a bribe for Senator Conrad. But I digress.

So you’re looking to get into the medical field huh? Well don’t worry the Government is here to run that for you. In fact you can read all about it in Subtitle D—Enhancing Health Care Workforce Education and Training pages 1315 to 1385 in the PPACA

In those 70 pages you will find the Government training programs for the Government Run Healthcare System that Obama and his Socialist Progressives have just enacted.

You’ll also find that once you decide to pursue the many medical “Tracks” that Obama has set up for you and will fund for you through the Government Run Student Loan Program that each person is obligated ( that means MANDATORY for you Progressives) to provide the government with there services.

In other words all medical professionals & workers will be part of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC) and then when the required obligatory service is completed each medical personnel will be automatically assigned to the Public Health Service Ready Reserve Corps (PHSCC). Isn’t that cool folks?!…

…Now of course with Government Run Health Care you’re going to have a huge cadre of Federal Government Employees. Those employees are going to need a union and other services to make sure they’re taken care of. They’re going to need someone to make sure that your wealth is redistributed to them properly right? Cue Andy Stern, SEIU and a host of other progressive socialistic community organizers.

America, welcome to the monstrosity that is ObamaCare. You have fun with that.

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