Obama’s Supreme arrogance bares his dirty little secret

Michael Goodwin
New York Post

Most of the criticism of President Obama’s warning to the Supreme Court on ObamaCare allows two possible explanations: Either the president is ignorant of American history or is intentionally distorting the court’s role.

There is evidence for both, but I’m going with a third option. My view is that his comments reveal the dirty secret of his personality and the main reason why his presidency is failing. Obama simply can’t tolerate dissent.

Not getting his way provokes him into making foolish and irrational assertions. This is the president who, three days after taking office, rejected a Republican idea on the stimulus by declaring, “I won.”…

…When he is cornered, or feels he is, Obama loses all proportion of the stakes and his responsibility as president. His instinct is to pull rank. If that doesn’t work, he aims to destroy.

It is a striking contrast with one of his heroes, FDR, whom Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. famously said had a “second-rate intellect but first-rate temperament.”

Whatever the quality of his intellect, Obama’s temperament is defective…

…He inherited a polarized nation and, after three years of his presidency, the divisions are more hardened than ever. In past crises, great presidents bridged divides, but Obama seems emotionally incapable of entertaining ideas different from his own.

Besotted with being a unique figure in American history, he has chosen imperiousness over the hard work of leadership…

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