Occupy Attacks!: Occupy Portland Attacks KGW News Crew!


(Viewer Discretion Advised) Dateline November, 8, 2011 – Mostly RAW Apologies for being long, but the entire video is good. A KGW News Crew was attacked by Occupy Portland while a Citizen Journalist films. Quote the attacker: “We are the 99% and we don’t want you in our society!” The attacker uses profanity and insists to a Native American member of the News team that he (the protestor) is the actual native American. While the angry protestor insists he does not want violence, he continues his tirade and a lengthy provocation. Some shoving ensues. He eventually has to be taken away by the Portland Police. At the end the KGW reporter gives a short interview. In 8 years of working in Detroit the reporter has not seen anything this bad. The individual attacker has attacked the reporter before.

CAJ note: These raging potty-mouthed dopes declare they are peaceful and don’t want war, but are abusive little bullies. Do they represent you? I didn’t think so…

H/T Ringo’s Pictures on Facebook.

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Also, SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine.

…Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.

 And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks…

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