Oakland Occupier Sets His Dog on Local Reporter

Verum Serum

Andrew Breitbart has a full roundup of the situation between Occupy Oakland and reporters, including one reported death threat. He included this video in his report but I’m going to post it here, not so much for the violence as for the question the reporter asks at about 1:10. The reaction from the Occupy spokesperson is priceless…

…In case you missed it last night I also noted a report of pretty extreme violence inside the Occupy Oakland camp. One cop even calls it “Lord of the Flies.”

Read the complete article and watch the video at Verum Serum.

Occupiers Taunt Cops with “F@ck the Police”

Verum Serum

From Occupy Oakland, which as of this morning no longer exists. A couple of kids sing a rap song for an officer:

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”God Bless Them” N. Pelosi

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