‘Oh my God…they’re jumping…they’re jumping!’

Eric Olsen
Gay Patriot

Such was the widely-publicized cry of a young woman as she looked up at the Twin Towers and saw what many initially believed to be birds, or pieces of debris. It became immediately apparent, however, that what billions of people around the world were watching was far more atrocious.

For many Americans, myself included, the images of these people (officials say there were 104, but most believe there were far more) falling from the sky to such a horrific death is the most searing memory we have of that day.

The following video, excerpted from one of the best documentaries made following 9/11, “Faith & Doubt at Ground Zero”, summarizes my initial reaction to what I was witnessing…

Indeed, I remember visibly shaking with dread as they fell, wondering aloud how unbearable must have been the heat to compel these innocent people to do this – how utterly tragic to look down upon NYC, upon the legions of firefighters, upon the largest media apparatus in the world – and to know that your only escape from the horror of burning to death is to accept that the world is going to watch you fall over 1,000 feet to the ground…and disintegrate…

The article continues, with video, at Gay Patriot.

Update: This morning Weasel Zippers uploaded a video, 9/11: Remembering the Jumpers

Update 2: Last year we posted links to the PBS “Frontline” program, “Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero.”

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