On Downing Street today…

English Defense League (EDL)
LGBT Division

“Downing Street today. Demonstration in support of our Troops, and against our government traitors. Enjoy your cocktails, David Cameron. The sun’s going down on your career.”







View the full-size photo at the link.


UpdateFury as vandals scrawl ‘Islam’ on two war memorials in London at Blazing Cat Fur which explains the EDL march:

The RAF Bomber Command War Memorial and the Animals in War Memorial were both daubed with graffiti.

Although the words written on the two memorials have now been covered up, it is thought “Islam” has been written on each of them….


Update 2: Tommy Robinson Discusses The EDL, The Woolwich Murder, And Islamic Fascism At The Jawa Report

The leftist media has painted the English Defense League as being violent and racist, not unlike the way its painted the Tea Party in America. For example, when Muslims organized a protest during which a war memorial was vandalized with pro-Islamic graffiti, the media quickly defended the protesters and pointed fingers at the EDL “troublemakers.” EDL members and like minded citizens are being arrested for “racist” and “anti-religious” Facebook and Twitter postings, yet Islamist’s calls for violence against non-Muslims goes unnoticed.

In fact, the EDL has acquired the “racist” label only for being anti-Islamic. Thinking people know Islam isn’t a race. But in popular leftist dogma, anyone who doesn’t embrace all cultures and ideologies (Christian Caucasian being the exception) is a “racist.”

I don’t always agree with everything EDL members do or say, nor would I condone violence or destruction of private property. But I do agree with the things Robinson is saying in the video. We must confront Islamic extremism and we must challenge the Government when it tries to suppress free speech.



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