On PBS, Lehrer Asked Pelosi: Are Your Tactics a ‘Model’ for Major Legislation?

Tim Graham

PBS NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer interviewed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday night, and did not directly suggest to her that there was something suspicious in Cornhusker Kickbacks and deem-and-pass strategies. He began by simply asking: “Do you see the way you did health care reform as a model for enacting major legislation?”

What kind of weird, passive question is that? Pelosi replied in the affirmative: “I see the way we did health care reform as a model of getting something done for the American people. It is — we reached for bipartisanship. We tried to find common ground. But, if we can’t, that doesn’t mean we don’t go forward.”

Lehrer’s line of questioning suggested that other “historic” expansions of entitlements had more bipartisan support. He did not refer to how badly ObamaCare was faring in public-opinion polls…

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