On the ground in Wisconsin, Day 2

Tabitha Hale

Yesterday the Tea Party Express rolled through Kenosha and Milwaukee, and it was a huge success.

We hit the road early, where I became aware of a scramble to find a new venue for the event in Kenosha. Apparently, over night, the small business owner that had agreed to let us use their space for a rally had been threatened and bullied, and had put up a sign saying “Tea Party rally canceled”. She was concerned, because she considers herself apolitical, and just didn’t know what else to do.

We regrouped, and with the help of the local Tea Party leaders we quickly moved the rally a new location – Lincoln Park, just a few minutes away – and had a great event! There were several people from Chicago present, union workers included, a man who rode his bike all the way from Nashville and a crowd of over 300 who came out to support the recall effort in Kenosha. Despite the venue change, it was a great event!…

…One thing that’s worth mentioning is the number of union members that are at the rallies. I spoke to one woman in particular, a Teamster, who couldn’t let her picture be taken because she feared for her job and her safety. The fact that people aren’t free to speak up because of the union they are forced to belong to is just unacceptable. It’s heartening to see people stand up to the bullying…

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