Our favorite ‘grizzly cub’ is the gutsy Piper Palin

Raw video: Palin Cub Works to Protect Mama Grizzly

Meredith Jessup
The Blaze

Here’s some chuckle-inducing raw cell phone video captured by Philadelphia’s local Fox affiliate that captured Sarah Palin’s youngest daughter, Piper, struggling to keep reporters at bay and give her mom a little breathing room.

The kid’s a real pro:

Raw Video: Sarah Palin In Philly: MyFoxPHILLY.com

For more on Palin’s visit to Philly, click here.

Update: Media complains that Palin caravan puts reporters at risk

Of all the complaints about Sarah Palin and her bus tour, this one’s easily the strangest.  CBS reports that the media has begun to grumble that Palin’s decision to keep them out of the loop on the tour’s stops have created a dangerous working environment for reporters…

…Here’s your first option: stop chasing her

Also, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir: Palin’s Tour a “Breach of Federal Law” Because She Has an American Flag on Her Bus…

Update 2:  Full interview: Sarah Palin & Greta Van Susteren on the tour bus (video)

Rachel Maddow: Sarah Palin Is America’s Vladimir Putin (video)

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