Our “Independence” or Obama’s Control?

Austin Hill

“President Barack Obama has no intention of growing the U.S. economy; he simply wants to control it.”

Do those seem like controversial words to you?

Back in March of 2009 I penned a column in my local hometown newspaper that began with that statement. At the time I lived in a conservative suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, yet I had people stopping me out in public and chastising me for being “rude” and “judgmental” with our new President.

I even got an angry earful from another parent at one of my son’s soccer games. As far as the outraged mom was concerned, my “condemnation” of President Obama had “racist overtones” (my editorial made no references to anybody’s ethnicity).

Today, Americans might still disagree about the President’s true intentions. But it is undeniable that, after roughly eighteen months of the Obama Presidency, the United States economy is sustaining very little growth (if any), yet the amount of control over private business affairs and economic resources that is possessed by the executive branch of our government has increased dramatically.

And as our nation celebrates yet another “Independence Day” holiday, the truth of the matter is that America is rapidly becoming a place of dependence. We are increasingly dependent on the decisions of Barack Obama and those in his administration for our livelihoods, dependent on the whims of government bureaucrats for our personal wellbeing, and dependent on the overtures of foreign nations (China in particular) for the sustaining of our economy and infrastructure. If America is to regain its footing and begin moving back in the direction of freedom and independence, Americans of all stripes must begin thinking more clearly about economics, and the proper role of government in our lives.

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