Out of Control: Feds Ready to Seize More Guitars at Concerts

Independent Journal Review

The US’s fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, is at it again. For some reason, the US Fish and Wildlife Service sees it necessary to use American taxpayer dollars to focus on a tariff law violation concerning wood. They are so determined to eradicate illegal wood that they are even considering threatening this year’s summer concerts. Among some of the notable names of rock stars that might be affected: Sheryl Crow, Van Halen, and especially Ted Nugent are on the roster.

The target is the world renowned Gibson Guitars; the ones that the titans of rock will be playing this summer. Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Feds have come to blows with this delinquent guitar manufacturer. On August 25th, 2011 the US Fish and Wildlife Service raided the Memphis and Nashville Gibson factories with astonishing force and guns drawn: as if they were expecting return fire.

This year, the Feds must really be itching for a fight.  Apparently, they intend to play ball on the away field, and raid 2012 summer concerts.  Of course, their track record suggests that guns will be drawn for these raids too.  These reports have many Americans dumbfounded that this could even be happening in the country where rock was invented…

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